What is the game about?Edit

The game takes place in your house  and other players' houses. The objective is to rob other players houses while defending your own. To defend your own house you're given a range of "House Parts" to trap people robbing you, and kill them. Other players will be doing the same when you're robbing them.

When you, or any other player dies in this game, it's permanent, as in, you'll have to start over. Because you lose everything it's important to be extremely careful, which leads to a very fun and tense experience. It's possible to die by falling into the traps laid by other players in their homes, and it's possible to kill yourself with your own traps while testing them out, so be careful not to outsmart yourself while attempting to outsmart others!

Every "House Part" in the game has a counterpart - something that can be used to either destroy it, or help you avoid it, so you'll rarely feel like you have no way of sucessfully completing a job. To complete a job, you have to reach the safe in the house you're robbing - this will give you a portion of that players money, and force you to leave the house instantly.

Defending your own house.Edit

It is a very hard thing to build up your first house, and have it be in any way effective, because there's two sides to this game: Defending and robbing. You'll need to know both sides of the game in order to know what you're doing, which is why the first hour in this game can feel very different to any time spent afterwards.

Even if your first house is an uneffective piece of crap, that will probably end up killing you instead of someone else, you need to start somewhere. Lets get into the basics. First thing to do before getting started, is opening the "House Parts" page, as a reference to the different parts available to you, and use it if you need to know what something does.

So the goal here is to keep any thieves from reaching your vault. You vault is where your money lies, so you want to keep it safe so you can upgrade your house and do other things that cost money. You also want to protect your family to some extent, but that's not as important than your safe. What your family does is provide you money as time passes - say you turned the game off for a few hours, you'd come back to a bit of cash if your family is alive. One thing to note however, is your family must always have a clear path to the exit of the house.

Click on your safe to select it, and click again to set it down somewhere in your house. Leave it in a corner, and use the options in the top right of screen along with the house parts page to lay down some walls and traps. As I said before, your family isn't that important (yet, anyway), and can just limit your house design. Place your family next to the door so they can just walk straight out for now. Once you think you have a good set up, validate your house by pushing done. Be careful here, because your own traps WILL kill you and you'll have to start over.

After validation you'll be out of your house, and it's open for people to rob. Any time you change your house you'll have to validate it - it's just to keep the game fair for others. However, now that we're out of the house, let someone rob it and check out the security tape feature. This will let you watch how you got robbed, and allow you to spot the weaknesses in your house which you can later fix. Keep doing this and evenutally, you'll have a nice house pilling up the corpses of others in no time!

Robbing other homes.Edit

To get cash in the game to improve your house, you need to depend on your family, or rob houses. Lets face it, we aren't playing a baby sitting simulator so lets get into robbing houses. Other players will have traps set up for you so it's not always the best idea to walk into a house empty handed. First thing you want to do is enter your own home, click the backpack button and buy a few items. Check out the Items page if you want to know what each of them do.

Now that you're loaded up with tools the temptation to rob someone is unbarable. So jump in a house that will give you a payout about $80-100, so you're not going in over your head. First thing you should ever do when you enter a house, especially if it looks empty, is to walk back and forth. This is just to check that someone hasn't spammed a bunch of pit bulls, which sadly happens a lot, but hopefully will be fixed later.

If you see a dog army coming from you just leave, there's no room for luck in this game because it'll just have you starting over. If there's no army of dogs coming for you, then no worries. Take it slow, pay attention and remember what you learned from building up your own house to avoid traps laid out for you. If you come into a situation where you believe you can use a tool to help you get closer to the safe, do so, but if it was a costly item make sure your payout will cover it!

There's no way to specifically guide you though a house, other than say take it slow, use the frozen time while you're not moving as an advtange, and watch out for god damn pit bulls. If you can't spot a weakness in your house, again, don't be scared to just leave. That's the golden rule - don't be scared to leave if you're in danger. It'll keep you alive longer.


This is a hard game to write a guide about, because a lot of learning how to play is just by experimenting yourself, and taking what you've learned from robbing homes and applying it to your own homes defenses, and vise versa. However, I just wanted to give players a nod in the right direction, because it seems a lot of players don't understand what is going on.

I hope this was helpful, but remember this isn't the only helpful page on this wiki, thanks!

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