Pit Bulls are the most common type of pets. They are quite expensive, and are they only type of pet which can kill you.

Pit Bulls will simply head towards the player and once they land on the same tile as the player, the player will be mauled to death. They can also activate pressure plates.

In order to avoid them you can use a gun to permanently take them out, or use drugged meat which will put them to sleep. When a Pit Bull is asleep they will not be of any harm to you, unless you stand on the tile that it's asleep on leading to instant death for the player.

Protip: To avoid being killed by Pit Bull spam in houses, simply move back and forth at the entrance of the house to see if any run at you.


Type: Pets
​Cost: $200
Destroyed With: Gun , Drugged Meat  
Conducts Electric: Yes, leads to death.

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